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Community Fire Company of Rising Sun, Inc.
Wagon and Ambo Staff 8 for the Night Print E-mail

On the evening of Friday, July 19th, 15 Company 8 members staffed Station 8 for the evening. A deluxe grill was acquired and grilled shrimp, BBQ chicken, cheeseburgers, and all of the fixings found their way onto the menu. While everyone had a good time spending time together with the usual firehouse banter, everyone still took time to talk some pre-planning and strategy in the first due. Several patrons at Martin's commented that they were glad to see us out in the community, as we are so often. Everyone finished off the evening with cake and ice cream.

Two Motorcycles Crash Print E-mail

Just before 5 pm on Thursday, July 18th, Rescue Box 845 was tapped out for a reported Motor Vehicle Accident in the 100 block of Connelly Road in Conowingo.  Chief 8 immediately went enroute and received the report from Cecil County Fire Dispatch of an accident involving two motorcycles.  Within minutes, Rescue 8 (with 5 personnel), Engine 28 (with 3), Engine 813 (from Station 18 with 4), Ambulance 892, Ambulance 793, and Cecil County Paramedics made the response.  Units arrived to find two motorcycles and two patients in the roadway.  Maryland State Police Trooper 2 was requested while all manpower focused on patient care and packaging.  Trooper 2 and A793 transported the patients to area trauma facilities.  Traffic 8 and Company 8 Fire Police provided traffic control during the incident. 

Story by: Lt. R. Gerace

Rescue Box 800 with Rollover, Entrapment, and Fire Print E-mail

Monday July 8th at approximately 9:00PM Station 8 Members were still practicing forcible entry techniques when CFCRS was dispatched to the NBRS Pearl St Rising Sun for the MVA with rollover, entrapment, into a building, with fire.

Chief 8, E18, E812, Rescue 8, Ambulance 893, Pm 1 immediately responded and arrived finding 1 vehicle that struck numerous buildings, with a driver trapped.

Command requested aviation and the Landing Zone was at Station 8, and E813 was ground contact.

Utility 834 who just left the firehouse and RSPD had extinguished the fire.

Monday Night Forcible Entry Training Print E-mail

At 7 p.m. on Monday, July 8th, Company 8 members assembled at the Station 8 pavilion for one of our many monthly training sessions.  Captain Williams led the class on forcible entry techniques using the bar and flat head axe, known in the fire service as "the irons".  Firefighters Larry and Jake Schuman donated wood scraps used with the forcible entry door prop, which is on loan from our neighboring fire companies in Harford County.  Captain Williams instructed our rookies on several ways to force open both inward and outward

Company 8 Assists on Elkton Two Alarmer Print E-mail
Around 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 7th, Engines 812 and 18 (with 4 personnel each) responded to the Triumph Industrial Park on Blue Ball Road in Elkton for a second alarm assignment building fire.  Upon arrival, both crews were quickly put to work searching a two story office building attached to a warehouse that was on fire.  After the search, Company 8 was redeployed into the warehouse with an 1 3/4 inch handline to extinguish heavy fire in the ceilings.  The crew hooked like mad to expose the bulk of the fire until it was knocked by Rising Sun and Perryville's crews.  After nearly depleting their SCBA bottles, Rising Sun took


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